Defining Values

The number one driver for Scandinavian Packaging is the passion for our business – a passion for packaging. Scandinavian Packaging is a family with the priority of bringing value and satisfaction to our customers. This passion for our business and for value creation is our most important tool in the quest for success.

Scandinavian Packaging is a truly value driven company. The main values that we base our daily operation on are:

Quality is the key for Scandinavian Packaging and all employees at the company. This means that everybody actively works towards our customer requests and demand for quality products, delivered on time, at competitive prices.

Being a partner you can always trust in is a key value at Scandinavian Packaging. And mutual trust is a key parameter, not only with our customers, but with all our stakeholders, including our employees, our suppliers and our sales partners.

In order for Scandinavian Packaging to be successful we need to fully understand the needs of all our stakeholders. We must have a clear and realistic understanding of our own capabilities, and we need to understand our own strengths as well as our own limitations.