Work Environment

Scandinavian Packaging’s work environment policy is to work systematically to minimize the negative influence on the work environment. Scandinavian Packaging follows national and international affairs in a work environmentally changing world and adapt to the demands of authorities and customers.

It is a part of our work environment policy to be in compliance with the current version of the OHSAS18001 standard.

We work with all relevant interested parties to ensure that a sound work environment policy is present throughout our supply chain, and work together with our employees to ensure that the work environmental awareness is consistent in all aspects of their work at Scandinavian Packaging.

Scandinavian Packaging will comply with relevant legislation on work environment, and ensure that suppliers meet requirements to secure a sound work environment.

There is a particular focus on each employee being an important resource. With this work environment policy, Scandinavian Packaging wish to hold a basis for developing and maintaining a good physical and mental work environment within the company, to ensure that the employees thrive, and no one becomes ill from going to work.

Scandinavian Packaging wants to be a company with a sound physical and mental work environment, where everyone contributes actively to prevent, uncover, and solve any issues.