At Scandinavian Packaging A/S part of the development and production is packaging for pharmaceutical ingredients, drugs, food and food additives. We must ensure that this packaging meets the expectations of our customers, their quality specifications and national and international legislation.

It is a part of our GMP policy to be in compliance with the current version of the ISO 15378 standard. We work according to a quality management system with a systematic approach to our production, securing consistency and uniformity in our processes, in the final product and in the surrounding work flow.

Our systems include efficient validation of our work flow and processes to secure that our systems are not only maintained but also provides the expected results.

At our factory we follow stringent hygienic and safety regulations for admittance, and dress code for being in the production area. We make sure that any visitor is adequately informed of the rules related to being in the production area.

At Scandinavian Packaging A/S all law regulations are complied with. We only use food approved raw materials.